ParallelFox 2.0 Released

ParallelFox 2.0 was featured in a session at Southwest Fox 2023 and provided to attendees in October 2023. It is now released to all FoxPro developers, and it contains the following new features:

  • In-process Workers
  • Single-command event handler
  • Reg-Free COM
  • Named Instances
  • Temporary Tables
  • Process Cancellation
  • Limited support for VFP Advanced

See the New in 2 and VFP Advanced Support pages for more details.


The easiest way to install ParallelFox 2.0 is to use Doug Hennig’s FoxGet Package Manager. FoxGet downloads only the files necessary to use ParallelFox, runs install.prg, and adds files to your project.

If you want to download all ParallelFox files, including the Help file and examples, follow the Manual Installation instructions on GitHub.

The Southwest Fox 2023 session video, white paper, and slides will be made available to all FoxPro developers at a later date.

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