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UPDATE: This article is now online for free at http://www.foxrockx.com/seite.htm.
The January 2009 issue of FoxRockX begins with an article by Ken Levy called “Visual FoxPro Stack”:

“VFPS is a Visual FoxPro Stack, an acronym used to define the key software components making up the Visual FoxPro platform and ecosystem. As a starting point, below is a list of components that comprise VFPS:  Visual FoxPro 9.0, Sedna and XSource, VFPX, VFPY. Also included are VFP 3rd Party products including tools related to .NET for Visual FoxPro such as VFP Studio, Guineu, .NET Extender for VFP, VFPCompiler for .NET, and VFPConversion.

These components represent the future of FoxPro development.  I guess I’ve considered VFPX to be the main effort in that regard, but these other third-party products should not be ignored, as many may find themselves working with them.  Besides, VFPX is primarily an effort for developers, wherease VFPS is aimed at business decision makers.  Ken compares it to LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) as a marketing moniker and adds the following:

“Having an umbrella stack for evolving VFP community components adds awareness and enhanced branding…  While there will not be a VFP 10.0, there is great benefit from enhancing the mindset and perception by referring to VFPS as the latest bundle of VFP related components. This branding will often target businesses and decision makers of VFP based application development.”

Hopefully, they will put the entire article online for all to see.  I recommend subscribing to FoxRockX.  It will be interesting to see how this all develops.

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