SW Fox 2009 Keynote

The keynote is always a major highlight. This year was a bit of a departure from previous SW Fox conferences. A well known person from outside of the FoxPro community was brought in to deliver the keynote: Sara Ford. Well, Sara isn’t completely outside. She works on Microsoft’s Codeplex web site and worked closely with members of the Fox community to host VFPx, one of the first projects on Codeplex. You can watch the keynote and other SW Fox videos at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/swfoxtv.

Attendance this year is 88 attendees and 17 speakers. That’s a drop from last year, but most conferences have dropped due to the economy. It doesn’t feel much smaller to me.

The keynote was followed by a trade reception. Sorry vendors, I was too busy talking to the cool folks at the conference to visit the booths. Maybe later in the conference.

The party continued at Club 709 (a.k.a the Feltman suite), just hanging out with Sara Ford and other attendees. It was a lot of fun. I stayed til almost midnight (2AM to me), but I couldn’t hang with the rest of the veterans. I think I’m going to pay for this…

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